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Onboarding beta users this week

“Micro Assets is the perfect rundown of affordable projects for sale.

The team knows how to curate only the most interesting digital properties.“

Paul Metcalfe

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Putting the Micro back into acquisitions..

As other marketplaces continue to go further and further upmarket, MicroAssets is 100% for the solo bootstrapped founders out there. We understand the challenges of launching projects and the hard work that it takes to launch any kind of business online, even projects that are pre-revenue or have low MRR.

We believe every seller should have the choice to list their projects at whatever asking price they decide. We try to encourage realistic pricing because we know what is likely to sell, but we don't dictate pricing caps.

The goal with MicroAssets is to successfully connect buyers with high-potential projects under $100k and we've been doing it successfully via the MicroAssets newsletter throughout most of 2023.

Now we want to create the platform that we'd be happy to use ourselves. Full control of your listings. Full transparency. Easy to use and with a high chance of getting a sale.

  • ✅ 0% commission.
  • ✅ Set your own price for your project.
  • ✅ Full control of your listing.
  • ✅ Verified ownership.
  • ✅ Easy to use platform with full transparency.
  • ✅ 100% bootstrapped, made by founders for founders.

MicroAssets community

Imagine being able to access potential acquisitions before they even hit the market? Or get feedback from people who have bought and sold projects up to $1 million dollars?

Unlock a community of well-connected Micro PE, investors, and founders who have bought and sold projects for 5+ figures.

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